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Kootenai River Valley | Photo: Vital Ground Foundation

The Challenge

We’re all standing on shaky ground these days: In the U.S., we’re losing natural spaces about the size of Delaware to development every year. That’s 1.3 million acres lost annually! Changes are even more pronounced along our coasts, which are twice as developed as the rest of the contiguous United States.

Every acre we lose is a missed opportunity…

  • To enjoy and connect with nature;
  • To ensure plants and animals have natural spaces they need to survive and thrive; and
  • To support healthy communities and a healthy planet.

At Atira Conservation, we believe that together we have the power to change course to put us all on solid ground.

Since our founding, we have helped conserve more than 4,300 acres — equivalent to about 3,000 football fields — of meaningful lands that are important to people and wildlife in Montana, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Mississippi, New Mexico, Idaho and California 

And we are just getting started.

Imagine what we could do by partnering with more people who share our land conservation mission of making lasting change —not 10 years from now, but today — so land is protected forever.

With your help, we can continue important land conservation efforts across the U.S. Together, we can make a crucial difference that allows us to safeguard the irreplaceable, provide permanent connections between communities and nature and protect the Earth we all call home.

Please join us in conserving land that matters.

Protecting the Earth’s Biodiversity

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