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Photo: George Wilson Archives

Established in 2021 by husband and wife, Brett Irwin and Nicole Adimey, Atira Conservation helps preserve land from future habitat alteration and loss throughout the United States. Atira Conservation strives to maintain the country’s natural spaces and biodiversity for both present and future enjoyment.

We met in 2006 on a blind lunch date that changed the course of our lives.  We quickly realized our common passion for being outdoors.  Since then, our family has experienced many adventures together including hiking, camping, fishing, biking, wildlife watching and simply enjoying nature. 

Over the years, we have seen numerous impacts on landscapes across the United States. Our mission is rooted in the conviction that safeguarding the land is essential to mitigating these impacts and supporting a sustainable future. We believe land protection and stewardship are essential to the future welfare of our planet and all life that calls Mother Earth “home.”

It is our love of the natural world that planted the seed for Atira Conservation.

About Nicole
grew up in Dayton, Ohio where I spent endless days playing throughout my neighborhood. My first real discovery of nature occurred at about 5 years of age when I was given a subscription to Ranger Rick Magazine, which opened my eyes to wildlife I never knew existed. My favorite memories include hiking with my girl scout troop, Lake Erie fishing trips with my father, exploring my family’s farm in Hocking Hills, Ohio and family camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (in a repurposed school bus). These experiences were foundational in my love for the outdoors and deepening my connection with nature.

I am a wildlife biologist with degrees in marine biology and coastal zone management. I spent 20 years with the United States government working with endangered species recovery and habitat restoration programs. My career has focused extensively on building partnerships with public entities and private landowners and facilitating teams to implement a wide range of conservation projects.

About Brett
I grew up in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington where I also spent most of my youth playing outdoors, taking weekend backpacking trips with my family to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and exploring the craggy beaches of Northern California. In my teenage years I worked as a ranch hand in eastern Oregon, learning cattle ranching and farming. During my freshman year of high school, I traveled with my family around the United States in a camper visiting national parks and historical sites. This extended road trip exposed me to the amazing diversity of America, which solidified my love for the outdoors.

I spent my career specializing in acquisitions of industrial commercial real estate, establishing myself as a partner in Monarch Realty, Inc. In 2021, the business was sold, providing  Nicole and I the opportunity to use a significant portion of the proceeds to launch Atira Conservation.

We plan to use our professional experiences, relationships, and resources to ensure unspoiled environments will persist, offering sanctuary for people and wildlife for years to come.

We welcome you to join us in making land protection a reality.

Atira, in the mythology of the Pawnee, a Native American Nation, is believed to be “Mother Earth”, a member of the council of gods and the wife of Tirawa, the creator god. For the Pawnee, Atira’s earthly manifestation is corn, which nourishes them and symbolizes the life Mother Earth creates. The Pawnee are among the first caretakers of the land that is now part of the United States.