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What We Do

Atira Conservation aims to permanently protect land for people and wildlife. We only support easement and land purchases with committed perpetual protection and stewardship.

How We Do It

Our funding interests are focused on impactful lands. These can include ecologically valuable lands possessing unique habitat or high species diversity, important areas for plant and wildlife conservation and properties adjacent or connected to other conservation lands. Additionally, we protect lands with cultural, historical or community significance.

Impactful lands are carefully selected by partnering with land trusts, other conservation organizations and private landowners. Individual donors may also contact Atira Conservation to discuss land protection ideas for personally meaningful natural spaces. Additionally, Atira Conservation also welcomes land protection ideas from conservation partners.

Please email us at to discuss ideas for natural spaces that we can explore for protection.

Donations are used for easement or fee-simple land purchases. Donations can be given in honor or in memory of someone, or as a gift for a holiday, birthday or other special occasion. Atira Conservation offers the option to notify the individual or entity of the contribution on their behalf. Donors are sent information on the land purchase or easement which they have supported.

The founders volunteer their time to find impactful lands, and collaborate with donors and land protection partners.

Click on the map pins below to learn more about the properties we have worked with partners to protect.

Dog Island Preserve

Jordan Development Agricultural Land Easement

100 Acre Wood

Wild River Phase V

McCalla's Woods

Jette Farm Grass Valley Conservation Easement

Our Partners